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Wiring Diagrams - European Audi Type 44s

Chassis Grounds1-11
Alternator, Starter, Battery12-22
Ignition, Fuel Pump Relay23-35
Idle Stabilisation, Oil Pressure36-53
Coolant Fan54-65
Indicators, Rear and Brake Lights66-79
Ignition and Light Switches80-96
Headlights and Light Switch II97-106
Frong and Rear Fog Lights107-117
Reversing, Number Plate, Engine Bay and Boot Lights, Washer Jets118-131
Screen Wash/Wipe and Headlight Washers132-143
Coolant and Brake Pad Monitoring, Dashboard I144-157
Dashboard II -Speedometer158-169
Dashboard III170-176
Heated Rear Screen, Fresh Air Fan177-186
Cigarette Lighter, Radio, Interior Light187-204
Starter, Lambda Probe, Fuel Injection1-14
Knock Sensors15-28
Ignition System Controller and Oil Pressure Controller29-38
Dashboard IV - Coolant Monitoring39-50
KE-III-Jetronic with Knock Sensors I1-17
KE-III-Jetronic with Knock Sensors II18-31
KE-III-Jetronic with Knock Sensors III32-46
KE-III-Jetronic with Knock Sensors IV47-60
Diesel - Alternator, Starter and Battery 
Diesel - Glow Plugs and Relay 
Diesel - Control Unit and Oil Pressure Control 
Diesel - Instrument Panel 
Coolant Fan 
Electric Mirrors 
Central Locking 
Radio I 
Radio II 
Front and Rear Fog Lights - I 
Frong and Rear Fog Lights - II